Wednesday, July 30, 2008

updated: things that happened for the past month of july.

well..finally i have the urge to update my blog..well since i haven been updating properly for the past one month...i decided that today i shall write a nice long one wit things that happened in the past one july basically i was working my ass off...seriously..makin sure that everyday was a good day for day in the office basically was busy..

this is the schedule of my working hours
8am-reach office work.
9am-go for breakfast wit colleague
10am-go back to office to continue work
11am-start counting down for lunch hr
12-2pm-lunch hr and rest
2-5pm-continue my work if there is any.but usually i start countdown again.

basically tats my working days..super busy..

secondly wat happend was i decided to ask my mom to have steamboat at this is wat happened.
yea..this is wat happened..well there was basically a lot of food..everything..basically u will get full..i did not get full..but extremely full until cannot walk.hehe..but it was super satisfying after eating all that good stuff.

well..another thing that happened is when i got back..i got a shock when i got back...well i already have a birthday present from my mom...but the second present shocked me though..i am so touch by the present and i tak sampai hati use it lo..but in the end rick came and made me use is the picture.

yea that is.i had a ipod and a bass string for my bday present...i wan extremely shock when i saw the bass string on the table with bday wishes.well although i used the string already..but the package is still kept..hehe..well the ipod was a present by my mom.although she came out onli half la.but its still present...and i thank her for her love lo..which showed tat she is willing to sacrifice alot for me.thanks mom!besides this..wanna thanks those who shared cash money to buy this bass strings for me..i am really touch and i appreciate it.who bought this string pls leave ur comment so tat i can remember u all..thanks..

Monday, July 21, 2008

labuan and its ppl

well..for the past one month i have been in labuan..tomolo will be the 22nd of july and it will be the day i return to kl..well wat have i done in labuan??nothing much i guess..jus work and play....i return to the church frens i had in labuan...they all did not changed..they remain the happy as always..laughin and showin true joy in their eyes..that is something u cannot see often.

hmm....well..its good tat i shall take this oppportunity to thank them lo..jack,donald,sophia,sheryl,delany,ivy,nelly,fei fun ,chris, and also not forgetting donald's mom..hehe..well they each drew on my face..on my bady....while drawing they said a blessing to bless me..welll...its a long time since someone blessed me...i am so touch to have so much has been a wonderful time for me in labuan..lepakin and laughin all the way..jus relaxation heals the soul...

well as long labuan remains in my heart..forever it will be my hometown....

Friday, July 18, 2008


well i dun wanna be so lanky panky...jus wanna thanks those who wished me happy birthday...well...its blessed to have ppl to remember other's birthday...anyways thanks.

well..its already half day..there are still msgs coming in...thank you for remembering and i hope i will be able to remember urs as well..thanks and god bless

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

too many honda city in labuan

well..its 4pm now...i am on the brink of bursting.i wanna go is nothing to do at the moment..well my story book which is the third one that i brought along wit me to work has been read i can say i have nothing to do now..besides that i have no where to go...cos i cant leave the well...i had a funny think of actually woke me up...cos dunno why i cannot wake think that the honda citys are so common that some ppl even wanna enter the wrong car..well i went to nyam cha wit 2 colleagues today..well we park the car opppsite the kopi tiam...den after finishin the nyam cha we decided to go back...there were three honda city parking side by side at the parking bays...the one in the middle belonged to my collegue.the thing is..three of the honda city are the same batch and are the same color.wat a coincidence...or was it destiny that something funny should happen?
(the stage was ready for a funny show) of us recognized it immediately and went to the other colleague saw the car..but he went to the one on the the car were full of people from other country..if i have not mistaken..they are from one of the african colleague decided to go to that car..thinking it was the car..he went to the front door..before he could open it..we saw..too bad i called out to him..den he realised..i wished i did not called him..i wanted to see the reaction of the ppl in the was really funny...cos he was messin up wit words and all that..cant seemed to concentrate on one thing..his face got so and my other colleague could not stop for the people in the car..they could not stop looking at us as we entered the car..i can see them laughin..i think they have already gotten the message that my colleague made a mistake by goin to that car and tryin to enter the car.that matter has been a hot issue the whole day..all of us cannot stop laughin at the matter...well..its time more other models of honda must be sold in labuan.this should be done in order to stop "blur" people from making mistakes by entering other people's car and becoming embarrased.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

jamie oliver

well i am bored and tryin to ignore the pain of my recently pulled wisdom i decided to browse the internet..and i came across the books tat my fav cook wrote.

well u can guess..he is my fav cook..i never stopped watchin his shows..especially sunday nites where his show called jamie oliver's pukake (i think) or the naked chef..hhee..well i have been chasin his shows since the age of 17 when he jus entered malaysian tv at usually on sundays 7.30pm tv3 ( i dunno bout astro cos tat i dun have one tat time).hehe..well after tat i have been following closely to his shows..really like them so much...he is an interesting person besides his cooking and chattings..he cooks food that i feel its really easy to make..nice to eat and can be done on the go...too bad malaysia sells his book all too expensive...if not i shall buy all the books and follow the receipe..i like jamie oliver..hehe..especially the second book from the left on the first row of the bday coming soon..anyone have any burden to bless me the book??hee....

half stupid or half clever?

everyone has wisdom teeth..well it grows during the age of hurts when it grows..i dunno y but it hurts..mine grew already fully...both where each one on each side.left and right..hehe..the purpose of these teeth growing each on one side is to balance the wisdom of a human being.for example, when a wisdom tooth first grow on the left..that means the person uses more of the left brain the left brain is used for thinking logically...if the person's wisdom tooth grows on the right side..he/she is much better in memory..for example..ram(random access memory) does the thinking and rom (read onli memory) does the storing...besides that the right brain is used for thinking creatively..if the wisdom tooth grows on the right first...then the person is very creative..

as for tooth grew on the left i am a logic person.....thank god..but my wisdom tooth hilang d now..i took it out today..cos it rosak already..the dentist advised tat i take it i decided to take it out...first the dentist took a xray...cos a little of my gum was sticking on the tooth..that is y la the gigi i had a hell of a time takin out the hurts lo..the doc put injection to i became the batman 2 side numb kao...and the other side tak numb..hehe...well my tooth took three attempts to come out..the first attempt..the doc used a "playar" to pull the tooth out..firstly she shook the tooth..told me to relax..the first time the "playar" did not do the job..apparently the thing (gigi) did not wanna come the doc took the "playar" away..and she decided to use another "playar" which is bigger..i terus sejuk kao kao..i wanted to move away from the "playar"but the helper held my i stuck..cannot the second attempt began...the doc tried pullin it..den i heard a my head..i tot die d..have to do surgery..but the doc din say ok..she tried again..the third came out...i cannot feel anything..den she say :"nah ur tooth"..hehe..

it was my first exp taking out a big wat can i say??wisdom tooth..i now not a logical person d??or i become half stupid??hehe...i dunno lo...maybe least i am gonna be i may not be logical and be half clever d..cos 50% went away d...its time for me to find to me and see wat happen..hehe

Monday, July 7, 2008

sms victim

each weakdays have been passin as always..slow but steady...i have been working for many days...around 20 days...each day has been passing very slow...especially the afternoons..i practically got nothing to do..until i can finish reading 2 thick story matthew reily and stephen..stephen...stephen....stephen something la...i dunno wats the last name already..onli remember the first name...sorry lo..i lefted the book in my mom's now i am at the serveice departement...cos there onli i can use the comp without bein caught...hehe...

its 3.56pm already...1 more hr then i am out of "jail"...well since i got one more hr..i better blog a bit..hehe..well...the past weeks..besides i have been looking for "sms victims"..sms victims are the people who i find when i am really victime is sophia see from labuan..she is currently 22 yrs of age goin to be 23 this dec..well she is still young...but she became my victim..hehe...i would be finding her everytime i need to kill time..hehe..its effective...very...well since she is 012's credit is depleting very mom gave me 30 dollars for july..but its finishing scary...gotta reload soon so i can cari more victims...hehe...i found another target already to become my victim of sms...but i shall see if the person shall reply me smsses...if the person reply...he/she shall become my victim...sophia see peng chee aka parrot is free now..i released her already..she shall be able to pass her days without me smsin her all day..hehe...

if u get an sms:"boring. can u chat wit me?" or "u are a victim of sms" pls do not reply.jus ignore or delete...if not u shall regret it for 2 weeks..for the victims are usually "used" for 2 weeks..hehe

Thursday, July 3, 2008

today today....

well first of all wanna thank those who tried to cheer me up..been kinda encouraging lo..i personally made it influence me to make me better..hehe.... i had an uneventful day in office...hehe..time passed super slow today..wat a day..i practically have to see the time tat everything passes slowly if u keep on looking at the clock...its true ppl...this theory is i spent most of my morning talkin to colleagues...well we talked bout food...i dun know y...i am not supposed to talk bout food cos i was super the hungry...but in the end i ended up talkin food..well.i talk so much bout food....from western to eastern..mamak, chicken rice...soto(applied to sabah and maybe sarawak)...everything that came into my mind i talk la..hehe..damn man..even thinking of it makes me hungry now.anyways...finally it hit 12pm..lunch hr..well i went to makan chicken rice cos it has influenced me the whole day..hehe..but the portion was so little...i was disappointed..really thought that it would be nice to eat something finally..but tak 2pm..i was hungry the office....i started to appreciate fast food such as mcd's delivery...i kept on wishing to buy mcd went on and on until 5pm....den i went i did not do much work..but i still did least i got my jobs done b4 i chat....anyways i am still very d-i-s-a-p-p-o-i-n-t-e-d.....really disappointed......till then cheers..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

today life goes on i had a good day..enjoyed every single moment of it...i went to work today and found tat tons of work waiting for me to finish....well...although i am really busy today..i cant stop the habit of looking at the time...every hr i would begin a count down.hehe...makin myself not concentrating a little bit la...well...its been a kinda fruitful day...get to register cars the customer picked up the car..well..had to go through a thorough check of the car..the procedure requires the sales adviser, engineer and the customer..the sad thing is the car onli can be delivered at 5 pm i kinda eat up time by talking to my boss..hehe..

today is a good day...well i am disappointed too today....well i am really d-i-s-a-p-p-o-i-n-t-e-d...which spoiled my mood till now i write this blog....hai..hope i won be influenced too much by it...wat a sad way to end the day..damn..