Wednesday, May 21, 2008

everlasting God/ a precious lesson learned

today i had practice...well..i was kinda hoping that everything will go smooth...on fire when i was in church..but...when everything started...the problems started to rise from point a to point b...from the front to the end..i dunno how to explain..but basically all 4 musicians cant work together..i hid my frustration and prayed tat god will give me strength, humility, and sensitivity...instead of getting the got i decided that its normal..but it den got worse in the third song..everything is really messed up..i cant point out wat i was playing..for the first time...i feel like i was forcing myself to play instead of playing willingly and humbly for was a struggle..but i have to hold on..

after practice..i was told tat u were sick...i got worried sick..i was so worried tat i could not think what to eat...i went to lai kong and could not choose wat to eat...i decided to choose penang fried Kuey tiao....and later on i added Siew Mai...but no appetite to i jus stuffed everything down and drank my teh nga tat time gracy got fed up wit me bein so quiet and sad and she told me to dun think things in front of ppl..its rude and will influence everyone..i thank the lord for her cos she decided to say it out..though she apologised to me..its nothing..i shall learn to smile in times of sadness..thank you gracy..u are a good fren

God touches ppl and teaches in many ways...i am actually experiencing it now...i feel this tremendous heat now..while writing this blog..God put in my heart the song Everlasting God(this song is supposed to be played this Sunday)....this song is sang in a lincon bewster is the link....( like i know the reason y everything was so messed up..we need wait upon the lord to gain strength...looks like i was using my own strength...instead to put everything in him...i used my own silly of me...dear lord i am silly not to put faith in u for strength...and i am sorry...u are my strength..and i will put my faith in u..(u have changed me again)

i told her everything..and she told me to cheer up..and affirmed me tat everything happens for a reason...i am glad that u are there..and i am grateful...she has been there..when i need her..i am happy..and i thank god for her everyday...most of all i have learnt a lesson..a precious lesson...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


yesterday was the first day of alpha...well..the alpha starts at 7..hehe..but i went there at 2pm..was on a assignment..well..this was to wash chairs...well..everyone thinks washin chairs was easy..hehe..i too thought the same...mana eh was break breaking work...well there were 6 of, victor lee,chong hing,jackson,timothy lim and one more i terforgot (very bad of me..but i tried to remember the name)..well the back breaking work begins when we had to pull out all the think there were about 50-60 chairs....some black ones, green ones, red ones, blue its kinda hard cos we had to take down each one..and the chairs are stacked up high.hehe...we "toiled" and ''toiled'' and the leader went out for lunch..(ayam kao des)..hehe..well i din care.i was looking at the bigger serve the ppl comin to alpha at 7 pm..hehe..

we finished at bout 3++....which included washin wiping and putin the chairs under the sun to dry..thank god des brought us something cold to fav..hehe...i decided it was not cold enough and added was really refreshing..haha...we and make stupid jokes...den we arranged the chairs..des wanted to go with the "airbus" theory (meaning that 5 chairs are put into a row and another 5 chairs put behind the 5 rows..jus like in aeroplane)..den someone else decided that facing each other while eating is better cos can have fellowship..hehe..anyways we went ahead wit the face each other theory...and job completed..

i too a shower in church and den got ready for practice..cos were singing songs..prac was ok..den had dinner...i had the privilege of eating first cos i was servin..hehe..but anyways i ate second round of fruits..hehe..i had dew (honey dew btw..but it was so tasteless i decide to classify it as dew cos no honey in it)..den worship came..i was exhausted but i enjoyed playin.den des said had to move chairs...time to work again....well.i did my part and was even exhausted...hehe..

decided to rest while the small group thingy was goin on...well its a place where ppl can ask any question they like..anything..and ppl will try their best to answer..anyways...i was also looking at new comers..there are quite a no of new frens..i got to know some of them..Jane,OJ,Rick..and few more i forgotten their name..i gotta do better this week to know their names...hehe....besides tat..i got to spend time wit close frens..and we talked we got to know each other more..and i appreciated it alot...

alpha is something really interesting...there is free food..good environment..singing...relaxing..supper...and many new frens u can get to know..i enjoyed myself the first week...and i look forward to the second week..

Sunday, May 18, 2008

i see u

today is Saturday...haha..a day of rest...hehe...woke up in the morning and went for jamming....well had a good time..working on the new song tat one of my fren composed..hehe.i think jus a little more and the song is completed...good...

after tat i went back...decided to relax while playin sms..hehe..but half way tersleep...sleep until gracy woke me up at 3.20...omg..its time for church practice...i totally slept in man..din know bout i rushed a bit..decided to skip shower..cos later sing in church sure sweat i decided to comb hair...den when i was about to put the rubber on my hair...gabriel called..gtg jus put den go church i lepak..cos i not servin..jus relaxin..den went out to pick the whole time...was playin sms..hehe..talkin on sms keeps me goin..every now and then..really happy and relaxing....well..i had a good time talking to vic on the car...joked and play the fool...den we went to pick up Timothn Seng..he will be pastor soon..and i really respect him..hehe...he is a good guy..interesting and nice to hang out wit..

had service at nite..had a good time wit everything..when service was starting..i saw u coming in...u look like an angel coming in to church..i could not stop looking at u..but had to concentrate on service and i decided to honor god wit it..after service...i wanted to talk to u.but i saw u i onli can look at the little angel talking to someone..i onli had the chance to poke u and say hi...after that the angel is talkin to other i can onli see from a far...when i wanna talk to say how pretty are you tonite but i did not have the chance cos (btw i could not stop lookin at u..haha...u really look like an angel today) u had to the same time i had to eat dinner cos have to go for prac for alpha i waved goodbye and i gobbled the dinner...

practice was ok..had the angel on my mind all the time.hehe...second thing is akuma also i keep on thinking...for ur info akuma is the spider i am taking care at the moment for aaron..hehe..i really like it..facinated by it..hehe.well i took it den i went back home.but before tat i hanged out wit aaron and always..hehe...i enjoyed my day..

i write ur name in the sky and the wind blew it away
i write ur name on sand and the waves washed it away
i write ur name in my heart..forever it will remain...forever

Friday, May 16, 2008


wats wit today??hmm....well i woke up at 10 today..class starting in 1 hr more..dang..1 hr still long..still got half and hour to chill...i decided to ko balik...slept but not nice..cos keep on wakin up...like5 min to 10 min like tat wake up one time...hehe...but janji tido..hehe...

decided to wake up already once it hit 10.25...well sunshine waiting me downstairs..cos we planned to go class together today...i wasn in the mood to go class...but i forced myself onli..well...when reached the bus stop..sunshine decided to tempt me..i dunno he did it on purpose or jus to tease me...anyways...he did..but he failed...i really have to go class..for my "own good"....hehe...guess wat..i was usual.cos hero usually come last min..but i wasn last min la...still like in the early stages one....well law 245 chapter...guess wat...i went in at 11.20..class ended at 12.20...dang i wan in class for onli an hr...crazy man....class suppose to be 2 hrs..but i onli 1 the lecturer caught some monkey fishing...he wants to fish and he sits in the front it really is funny..the whole class laughed at the feller....well i found it funny too..well me..din sleep..i was busy listening and talking at the same time...i killed 2 birds wit one stone...

after class went to find sunshine..he was wit his inti gang and i joined in...well i basically know them la...we had lunch together...after tat..itchy hand had to play we were invited to play...i was suppose to go cut hair..but sunshine asked me to go la...we played hell of a was exciting and funny...we lost..but we had a good game...been laughin all the way....there were few times tat i screw up.but still ok la...managed to play ok la..i guess...

after tat cut hair...den i finished d baliked..first thing i did was basu baju..kutur dah tu baju...after tat decided to write am day not up yet..but...i will continue to plan wat to do tonite..futsal canceled already...wat to do..stupid ppl dunno how to write our was ok except one thing....IT IS FREAKING HOT!!!!Y CANT IT RAIN....ITS HOT!!!peace

Thursday, May 15, 2008


finally i am able to go online...hehe...cos the internet took two weeks to be done...anyways..all these while i been busy..busy playing and busy working..but the sweetest thing of good la..i am finally getting back to myself...cos was down..really down.not many ppl know..due to some reasons...but thank God everything went i am almost back to 100% happy already...i still lack of 40%...well the 40% comes from....well..depends would i do lo..hehe...i still waiting....hehe...well life is certainly improving now...i found myself smiling more and more...which is great....anyways....that is all i got for now...till then ..peace