Sunday, November 30, 2008

my last day in fcc

the title speak for itself.what could i say?well i admit i CRIED!!yea i am a man.but man do cry sometimes rite?well its because i was so touched by the gift that i received from all the ppl:)

my first gift.was a transformer. optimus prime. thanks for the people who gave me that. i really appreciate it. its the thing tat made me cried!!!tim.thanks:)

secondly thanks wen and lavinia for the card:)i have read and understood everything already. i think i shall fail again the next time we meet. hehe. i am ready to be punished by the two of you again. till then i shall get ready for the day to be punished

finally. how could i forget YOU????u almost made me cried already before the beginning of the service.YOU said u won come?hmm...i was actually a little disappointed lo.i had already a back up plan to go to find u:)even i have to walk all the way there. i dun care. i must see YOU:) mana tau when i need to go out to do something which i forgot.i saw u.i was lighted hearted and happy:)i missed u alot and i was kinda relief to meet u:) thanks for accompanying me for dinner.i really appreciate it cos u did sacrifice alot for me. i am so touched lo. thanks for the card:)i shall tell reply the card's questions later:)

ppl...i am leaving already. i shall take all the memories.sad and happy ones to go.i will never forget u:) add me at>msn. all of you made my day:) thanks alot fcc and kl!!

i miss u and i always will miss U ;)

Friday, November 28, 2008

friday!!!2 more days.

its already friday! oh no...i gg...goin back on monday morning!!@@@@@@@HHHHHH....i was not suppose to go back tat early.suppose to go back on monday evening 1!!!hai but the air asia changed my time in the flight.tat means i am goin back early!! wat to do..i will be goin back lo..still..maybe go back earlier better?i dun think

before i go on today...i shall say a little bout yesterday..thanks alot for goin out wit me:) bein with u seems like 30 min while we spent the whole nite out already.time flies too fast d...when u wan it to fly it crawl.when u wan it to crawl it flew..that is something i dun understand.hai.but nvm.still get to spend time wit u:)i am satisfied d.hehe

anyways i din blog yesterday as i wan my happiness to consume me.i dun mean tat its getting to be my god but i jus wanna enjoy my happiness:) its been so long i tasted this kinda happiness..hehe..maybe 4-5 months???maybe..or even longer den b4.hehe.i fell asleep smilling(i am not gay!!) for the first time in 12 years.hehe..

ok i got up today.early...its so cold.i was shivering like a coward!!but i din mind.hehe..cos i gonna go nyam cha wit you.i was excited. even the cold did not have any effects on me.hehe.i went to church and waited. time crawled. hai..purposely i read the newspaper in order to make the time past faster:)well..i went nyam cha wit you.i am happy.and the time passed too fast again. hai.if i can make the time past fast.good lo.hehe

after tat i had to go back.someone had to study.i gotta respect that.exam is more important than me now:)better to do better than not so good.hehe.i went back to church.den rick brought me out to pan mee.good.i like the taste.but too much jelak (though half onli i eat.big bowl lagi tu)

den went back to help fren move house. jus talk nonsense instead:)the lori feller slow.ffk at 3,3.30 and 4. had to leave at 5 to go makan dinner wit grandma.hehe.i stuffed some great stuff which i almost vomit.hehe.but i din care.i am eating one of my last meals in kl.go back labuan den can kurus back:)

now its time to go off.i need to go grandma there nyam cha.chinese tea.good for health.make u healthy:)gtg:)

_ _/ ../ .../...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4 days days are numbered

still got 4 days more. today is wednesday.
went out today again
had a early lunch
hungry now.

went to get a bday present for my mom.
din know she was in town.
told me she is goin back today.
its ok. i get to see her this monday.

lepaked wit tim...the feller is always getting picked by me.
thanks for letting me pick u
u are a nice person.

prayer meeting tonite.
after pray kao kao.
nyam cha kao kao
den kena scold by victor the lees kao kao
scold la if u wan cousin.
i dun mind.
in my mind is onli someone..and SHE knows WHO SHE IS.haha

i am hungry.i shall have a bite.

nothing else matters.

this blog is entitled to someone special. its written specially for you:)

nothing else matters when i want to see YOU everyday,
nothing nothing.
not even time will slow me down.
every hours seems like minutes,
minutes seems like seconds.

2 years would seem like 2 days to me.
i admit 2 years will be very long.
especially being apart from YOU so long.
summore in a different country.
however i wish to be positive:)
negativity makes the time seem longer.
it hurts every second tat my time in kl is coming to an end.
but i have made my decision and i have to stay by it.
to study abroad and to gain experience.

yes i will wait.
how long?
wat we promised each other- 2 years.
wat will happen? we dont know
i promise YOU what u wan me to promise YOU.
But i shall see how it goes.

YOU are not selfish:)
really YOU are not.
YOU think for the future:)
for the Better.
I know YOU feel guilty.
pls dont.YOU did something Great.

2 years 2 years: 730 days + 1 day = 731 days.
how long will it feel?YOU and i know:)
the day will arrive soon. tat we cant see each other anymore (i am not dying)
but i still will keep in touch with YOU:)
and ur frens will cheer YOU on.

I also wanna see YOU everyday.
Be wit YOU everyday cheers up my day:)
YOUR smile, YOUR zadao face, YOUR laughter.
is like a light in the dark cave.
its where i find my way out:)

YOUR sms. gives me the heartbeat of a anxious person.
reading YOUR sms helps me relax.
it also help me know how are YOU.
its the onli communication we have:)
i wil stick by it.use it to its full potential.

i shall see YOU soon:)
it shall be my last.
i will meet YOU after 2 months.
till then all the best to you and happy always:)
thanks for everything

being with YOU. nothing else matters:)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5days left 2...crazy crazy...

its still 5 days....i will be goin back soon..hai i wish i won have to go back...i wish i would took it back from choosing to go to australia.i cannot take it shall make me break down..i am really sure of it..i never knew it would take a big toll on really is painful to leave everything which i have grown in so much freaking hurts.till i cant take it is really driving me crazy...i cant really sleep properly at nite thinking of the things i did in kl..its joy and sadness..the ppl i know and the people i jus got to know..all have been carved into my heart. the worship team especially...changed me so much..

fcc..wat can i say?its not for faith christian center..i would brand it as fantastic christian church.the and happy...seeing our church grow...i could not imagine tat we have become tat big..all thanks to God's grace....everyone i know in church made an impact in my life. i love u guys...huggs to the gals and high 5 to the guys.

The people i wanna thank:

  1. Ivan= ur time spent wit me as a brotherhood changed me and encouraged me thru these 2 years together
  2. Aaron= ur craziness and ur laughter brightens my days and encouragement make me go thru hard times as brotherhood
Labuan People:
  1. Brooke Ann: u are our tai ka jie. thanks for bringin us around in ur Myvi
  2. Kenneth: u are as naughty as always. which makes me laugh
  3. Joshoua: u are always funny. making silly jokes and also thanks for helpin me in my hair
  4. Gracy: thanks for goin out nyam cha every nite with me. ur drums rock. i shall not forget the times we played together.
  5. Raymond: u are constantly in the dark but u are always agreeable. thanks for that.
Fcc People:

Worship team
  1. timothy: thanks for bein a good housemate. thanks for letting me "bully" you and crack jokes about u. u are a really nice person.
  2. Seng: thanks for ur scolding and ur guidance on my really helped me improved. i am truly grateful for u.
  3. jovina: ur laughter. wat can i say. u are like a laughing time bomb. making me happy by jus looking at u laugh. its funny.
  4. gabriel: thanks for the rides to church. i really appreciate it. i shall never forget ur style of driving especially "faster la!!!(in Hakka)"
  5. Mike mike: i still remember the times tat we always cook dinner together. not to be gay but ur cooking is really good. also thanks for the badminton:)
  6. Graise: thanks for letting me cook at ur place:) i really like ur kitchen and it shall remain in my heart:) thanks for bringin me out to dinner sometimes too and also thank u for picking me up from the airport.
  7. Wayne: ur bass improved so much since i taught u. i am touched by ur heart of wanting to improve. suprass me in ur bass. that is wat i hope to see:)
  8. Gavin: u my fren. haha. i shall never forget the times tat i always call u my golden retriever. i shall take tat back. its good to play alongside u from time to time. i like ur grove:)
  9. Tim wong: thanks for entertaining me in sandakan. i really appreciate it. all the best in ur leadership:)
  10. Chong xing: thanks for the time tat i always go ur place to play ps. thanks to u i know how to play winning 11.
  11. Danny: thanks for bein there as a fren when i am in trouble:) it really encouraged me.
  12. Rick: u are one crazy feller addicted to eggs. i like ur bass:) the 5k "wife" of urs rocks:)
  13. Cassandra: u are quiet. as if. but u can scream. scared the hell out of me:)
Fcc members:
  1. Hui ling: thanks for givin me the opportunity to cook for church:) i enjoyed although it takes a toll on me:)
  2. Chu yee: thanks for the chance to serve in the cafe and trusting me with the cash:)
  3. Adele: thanks for letting me know u:) u are one really funny person.
  4. Samuel vun: bishop's son. wat can i say?u are a really nice person (dun dare to say anything in case ur dad reads this blog)
  5. Cedric: ur camera rocks. ur taste in pictures really intrest me in taking pics too. haha..thanks for the futsal times too. i enjoy playin wit u.
  6. Wen Jun (book Kwan): thanks for being the "captain" of the futsall/football team. thanks for the trouble of booking the place for all of us to enjoy the game.
  7. nelson: pls bugger u gotta stop the "doinks" and "lol" its really lame till a lame guy like me says its lame.pls.
  8. Mike Mei (yi wen): well thanks for the time in camp. its good playing around the camp. making moktail.haha.
  9. Garry: ur the loudest in church when it comes to responding to the pastor. i always hear u loud and clear:)and we share the same passion. food.
  10. Lavinia: though i jus know u. u are always laughin.hehe.funny.
  11. Wen: u are a open person. onli 2 hrs i feel like i know u alot. i can immitate ur laughter already(the begining)
  12. freda: what can i say about u?hehe..u are a wonderful person. i shall let lavinia and wen to continue to say how wonderful u are:)
  13. Kendrick: u are my share goup member and the 1st fren in kl:) we are crazy together kacauin hsu chew. i miss the old days of JS.
  14. Aaron: u are constantly high on flour. haha.. u are one great fren and a share group member. i will miss ur baptism.congratulations in advance
  15. Foong yee: our share group tai ka jie. our leader and a person who is funny. thanks for leading us:)
  16. Kevin: if i dun know u i tot u are still studyin. mana tau kawin already. hehe..u are playful and a good basist. u are forever my Si Fu.
  17. Vui theng: my nenek.haha u are always there to listen to me when i got problems. hehe. thanks for the encouragements.
  18. Tracy wong: u are my second grandma. thanks for everything. its fun playin the fool with you
  19. Victor lee: my dear cousin. how could i forget u? i purposely put u last!well i got alot to thank u 2. thanks for the rides in ur car. the encouragements. the crazy times. the CS time.bringin me out to nyamcha. thanks for letting me kacauin u too. brightens up my days. i hope it brightens urs too:)

all the people i din mention in the list. i wanna thank u too. i really do. but i cant remember already. i know too many of you already:) thanks alot ya!!!:). i love u guys and fcc!(sobs)

_ _/_._ _
._ _/../._../._../
_./_ _ _/_
.._./_ _ _/._./_ _././_
_ _/../.../...

5 days left

well there are 5 days left..oh no...i cant let it pass so day is already down.hai...the more the day comes (monday) the more i dun wanna leave kl.hehe for one particular reason la.i love it already feels like home.well wat to do. i have chosen the path and i have to follow it lo.if not i am a not responsible person..

wat did i do today:

kar heong- eat chicken rice. + rice and + chicken= very thirsty.
went to dinner with tim and "grandma"= too much food = + fat. but i enjoyed the food.hehe. the pics will be up loaded soon when i get them from grandma.hehe.

that is all for today. gotta sleep and den wake up later. dunno wat to do later.maybe play cs or ps 2.

.._. ._. . _.. ._
_ _ .. ... ...
... _ _ _
_ _ /.._/ _._. /....

Monday, November 24, 2008

6 days left

well..i am counting the time now.its countdown time..6 days i will be in kl and the seventh day i shall return to my labuan.happy and sad at the same time can be prescribed to me now. i shall need it. hehe....well i am not packing yet. not in the mood and btw there is not much to pack cos i sent my things back already. so there is onli little left here to i can relax a little bit.hehe

well....there are so many things to do..and its freaking me out.hehe.

monday nite: dinner wit tim and tracy (granny)
tuesday nite: badminton wit micheal (i think so la.dunno weather micheal remember)
wednesday nite: prayer meeting/ futsal.(wah heavy)
thursday nite: futsal(again i think. if dun have sure go lepak)
friday nite: Syabu- syabu (wit graise and gang)
sat nite: service and dinner( i hope wit u lo..u know who are u)
sunday nite: confirmation service and CS (siao liao..when am i gonna pack??)

monday nite: balik labuan :(

well tats about it..every nite i goin out....gila gila already.hehe..monday nite sure cannot go out one...die..go home and sleep.den tuesday i think i shall go to work in office gua.hehe..

anyways...i am so so freakin out now..i am goin back and i got alot things to do..time sure pass damn fast one la....hai...why cant i make it slower?if i make it slower means tat i am mean. cos i have a good time wating to go back while other ppl suffer. thank god i not like tat. wat the heck am i crapping wonder la...already 2.41 am sure crap one lo..sleepy d..hehe

well..its time to sleep.i need to get to the bed b4 battery runs out. which has 0.0001% left. the bed won come to me and i have to go to it lo.hehe.sleep first.kl i love u and all the ppl in kl (fcc/ metro) shall talk bout u tomolo.

.. / _ _ .. ... ... / _._ _ _ _ _ .._ / _._ _ _ _ _ .._ / _._ _. _ _ _ ._ _ / . _ _ .... _ _ _ /
._ ._. . / _._ _ _ _ _ .._ /

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what have i been doing?

well.. its almost a month since i updated my blog. its 11.42 am and i cant sleep already..i was suppose to sleep for another 4-5 hrs as i slept at 7am.hehe..but anyways..thanks Kevin for waking me up.

i remember that my last input was mr2+..well after tat, i embarked on a very special mission. its so secretive that i have to share it here. the mission code was 2SW. stands for 2 suicide weeks. was 2 back breaking weeks..had to rush assignments for that 2 whole weeks.went to starbucks every day until the person at the counter knows wat i wanna drink.he would say "same as yesterday sir?" onli i will tell him the size. that is all. besides that, i onli slept for 10 hours in 5 days. meaning average 2 hours a day. freaking insane. din know how did i manage to go through it.well i remember that there were 2 assignments due on the same day. 1st is mos= marketing of services (i knw some of u people think that ministry of sound. i hoped it was that but tak la) due 8 am 28 october 2008, the second one is 2pm 28 october 2008. so i had to rush to do both. thank god i finished one 2 days before. so it wasnt so tiring. but still tired cos had to present something on 29 oct and pass up my final paper of sales management on 31 oct. but i went through it.

now nothing much. i did my packing. cleaned the whole room and threw away all nonsense my room looks like a prison. jus need the toilet can become the prisons in tv. now i am in exam period. sounds crazy huh..yea its crazy..i had my paper on monday. i studied for 5 days for that paper. well..i was full of confidence...i felt so good..the moment i flip the paper i lost confidence. i felt the tension in the hall so badly tat i wanted to jus walk out of the hall..hehe..i saw all the top students who went in with a smile came out with a papya face..but as a crazy dude..i still dun care...still wanna play happy..if cannot pass den repeat la..that is the bottom line of trying.hehe..

well tats all i think so far...i still got 18 days..damn...i cant wait to go back..but i tak sampai hati leave kl..leave fcc....hai..its freaking insane...i will miss everything that is here..sad....tats all..