Saturday, June 28, 2008

life's like tat i finally had the time to blog a bit...well the week has been boring for me..i was working..i expected to be a little busy..but instead.i am damn free...goodness..i had nothing to do..i ended up playin sms wit frens...books were read and almost through...twice i slept in the office..too tired d...hehe..but anyways i felt that i have learnt some good stuff...well..i am quite happy too...usually i am at the back toiling myself..but this time...i am working in the office...really relaxing myself..hehe..
anyways today i found out bad things bout labuan..i tot it was nice.perfect..but i see also they are no different than kl.i went to aml today...Akademi Memandu Labuan...there to listen to law..cos mom decided tat i start listening to law d..but now le..din get to go to listen today...cos the person there work no system one...i would give them a new name..MAS=mana ada sistem..or AML=akademi mati labuan...i was so disappointed there today..i was a waiting list person...sorry to say..but they should be more systematic....for example putting the list of waiting list down...they did not do it..i jus sat there like an idiot waiting for my turn..really sad lo..i had to keep quiet cos i need to wait..but in the end...i knew tat they are useless ppl...i jus said lets go mom...and i left..i would never return to aml..disappointing place and useless ppl working..they have racist workers..first time i see in labuan got racist..screw AML cos they MAS....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

second day

well its my second day in home town...well there are changes already in my room lost 2 posters...2 of y fav posters..gone....babi...metallica and linkin park is gone...i dunno where did it go....but anyways its good to be back la...nothing much changed actually in labuan....onli prices for everything..hehe..had a day doin alot of things..i went here and there..doin stuff to suit myself...i had to register for law lesson..boring...i went through and i failed once..i dun like it...
anyways...i am working tomolo..i will be a temporary staff for premier motor labuan..well i am very excited and i hope to be able go gain experience from it as a sales staff...hee...i gtg sleep..shit its late as always....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

why whY WHY!!??

I really wish I could explain it baby (why),
It's just the world is kinda crazy baby (why),
Ain't no pretty way to paint it baby (why),
Don't cry, dry your eyes
September 11th, I woke up about 7am, west coast time, French toast and my
Turkey bacon, taking my time, awakin', turning my TV on
To my surprise, saw what everybody in the world saw
Me & my children, images were chillin'
My son said, "Daddy were there people in that building?"
A cold sweat, frozen with a lump in my chest
I heard his question, couldn't bring my lips to say "Yes" to him
That night at my son's side, he cried & prayed
For the one's who died in the World Trade
His palms to God, seeds and qualms with God
He just kept on pressin' me, wanna know why
Then one week later our bombs were dropped
We seein' them on CNN, they just won't stop
The infrared images of brutal attack
He said, "Daddy now we killin' em back"; (right, right)

[CHORUS - (2x)]

Mmmmm, souls are captured
Dreams are stolen, hearts are broken
Evil blatantly rewarded
Hate surrenders, Love exalted
Hope elated, negativity is shorted
Why is the bomb always getting the last word
& why did her uncle have to molest her
& why did all them cops have to be shootin' to kill
& why did all them priests have to act so ill
Tell me why did James Byrd Jr. have to be touched
Tell me why did Malcolm & Martin depart from us
Tell me why did that sniper make the little boy shoot
& why does human life always denied for loot
Tell me why did Mandela have to live in a cage
Why did my brother Sterling have to die at that age
Tell me why did Reginald Denny deserve his fate
& why the f*@k can't love seem to defeat hate
Tell me why is it so hard for all the children to eat
Why did Pac & Biggie Smalls have to fall in the street
Tell me why did Jam Master Jay have to go that way
Please what am I supposed to say to my kids when they say 'Why?'

[CHORUS - (2x)]

Can't explain it baby, life is just really crazy
I mean if it's world wars or the life of a little baby
We got more stores than they got rice under Buddha lazy
You live four scores & still it be driving you crazy
But for me I try to see the bright side
Sometimes it'd be like the goodness be tryin' to hide
Then try to flee, but it can't it's deep inside
Sweetie, you be the light for the others, make 'em believe in God

well the song above is sung by will smith...this song totally describe how i feel now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

too little too late

its six am in the morning...i jus got back from my long long walk..well i walked to pyramid.took a good look at it..den went to mentari...took a good breakfast and look at some aqua...din talk to them cos they freak me out...den i head back home..on the way i was listening to this song.too little too late..writen and sung by my fav rnb artist..jojo...speaks of something a little too late happening..the story goes like this...there is this guy...tat is wit jojo...well he was suppose to be wit her..but football took up all the time of his life...he did not spend time wit her...most of all he left her hanging.wat the hell..wat a guy...super addicted to the hero of the team...btw he is a really capable and talented i was saying.he was so absorbed to his time and "career" tat he forgotten bout jojo....tats kinda selfish is it??jojo ended up in the house waiting for him to come back..but he did not...instead he gave her a ticket to go watch him play...that game was the final game he is playin..for some cup or something..i dun know...well jojo did not go..instead she stayed at home thinkin bout wat the things he had her..he did nothing..all tat was in his mind was all bout his football and him only...sad isn it?in the end...she got really fed up wit him..she decided it was time she pulled the leave him..once and for all..time to say goodbye to mr footballer...hehe...well..the story goes..he was in his game..they were trailing 2-1...its his chance to go for it..he passed the last defender...was near the post.the goal keeper is scared..but suddenly..he fell..the keeper could not believe his luck...he picked the ball easily..the moment the ball was picked up....the whistle blew...the guy could not believed tat wat has happened..and he went back sadly..sad to say..there is a note on the table...tat jojo has left him..he wanted to go back to her.but it was too little too late..she has made her decision to leave him and she will not come back....well..its too little too late for the guy..sorry mate ur jus a little too late in realizing wat u have wishes to u in future...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


i am havin exams now...bolloks...damn papers so hard....damn curtin for puttin them so tough....wanna pass also hard..celaka betul..wats the use of havin exam la..babi..exam here and there in the end also forgot..if remember so wat..come out to work not gonna use all of them also..dumb things...y cant jus give us assignment to help us pass...puik u all man...babi..i hate all the exams..if u make it simpler good la..this so also not la like tat...siao one..u expect to have all the smart ppl is it..wat bout us??u think we heng ka ah??everytime make me stress onli...until sometimes cannot sleep...because of exam la..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

stress release??

well..its 5.42 in the morning...oh my goodness..the loudspeaker is singing already..and i am not asleep yet...damn damn damn....sienz man..super the kao..well..i haven been blogging for a while..cos busy wit alot of stuff..cant seem to find the time to blog...not i shall blog..see how long it takes me...well i shall blog bout my life first...first thing first...i am freakin stressssssss....i tried not to be..but i cant seemed to tahan..well...i cant sleep because i am stressed....stressed....damn...1 hr ago i went to look for sunshine...suddenly my mind popped up stupid melody and i sang wit it...with stupid melody comes stupid lyrics...i kept singing all the nonsense out....we laughed and wats the point..the stress feeling does not go i had to go to plan b..plan be to play play play...slap slap slap..until finger pain...arm pain...not satisfied..still feelin down....plan c...drink water...haha..does it work>>>???seriously no!!make u stress bout goin to toliet onli...haiz...these damn feelings won go away..the freaking exam is around the corner...scary but true..i still have no mood to study....i dun wan last min..but still...i think will end up last min..well..on to plan does not help...instead of getting happier...i felt more bored...well...this is serious things...i cannot be happy again??oh no,..not now..(pray pray pray...easier said then done) i decided to listen to music...went for the heavy ones...went to look for metallica,demon hunter....they do not give me the satisfaction....wat is this....even music cant satisfy me...especially my fav metal band...sienz...wat la this feeling...keep on pressing the heart down...i dunno..i still asking...i still seeking...dunno if will find it or not....AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!i always wanted to scream..but no voice cos down wit sore onli can scream in this blog....sighing also does not do the can i release it????????