Friday, January 30, 2009


man...the chicken was in a bad mood today..i also dono why i bad mood...maybe not enough sleep.maybe stress...i also dun really colleague saw me..she asked me to smile..though i dun feel like it..i smiled..den she say it made alot difference..but still i dun have the i decided to turn to is one of my fav way relax..and so ngam..i listen to kutless smile..

this is the lyrics:

On a plane somewhere again
I take my place in line just like every other time
I slide into my window seat
She was sitting there
One seat over so I said “Hello, how are you today?”
With my smile I could see the hope within her eyes
And I knew that something’s different today

Though everything’s the same inside
There’s something real
A faith which causes me to change
(But what’s different now)
A spark is gleaming in my eye
Like diamond stars that fill the sky
I think a smile says it all
A smile says it all

The conversation presses on
As miles pass below, she said I have to let you know
You seem so different to me
There is a joy inside
The love of God is all I know
From which this could originate
With one smile I could see
The faith we share inside
And I know that something’s different today

I see what a smile can say about me
I know that words are not always what speak
Sometimes it’s not what I say
That the world around me seems to understand

well..seems a smile makes alot of we gotta smile and it makes alot of difference:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Was watching last nite the change of presidency in America...Barack Obama became the first "black" was the beginning of a new era...America created history by appointing him to be their 44th president.

wat i wanna say is..wat bout our country??can we do it?have another race to be our prime minister?the prime minister has to be a good person rite??jus do his job and keep his promises den ok rite?dun have to be the same race person rite??it kept me thinking..what if another race person took over as the prime minister of our country??will there ever be a change in our country??

What do u think??is it time for a change in our country??

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday 19-01-2008

today i din go to work...hehe..thank god...why??cos my leg bengkak...i sprained my ankle...well..i tot it was a small sprain.cos i was able to run after tat..after puttin an ankle guard problem..can run...can play badminton also..hehe

mana bengkak.babi...tat nite really i tempang like mad...even mom also moment ok the other moment i no need go work the next day.hhe

thank god..everything went well yesterday..had games day for the youth...the youth had to run around botanical garden labuan..luckily no one injured...all can run but most cannot do the bible book arrangement...goodness...ivy ur youth tak boleh harap la...all tau main onli...tak tau bible...hai...and they onli know how to sabo the leaders also...better make them repent and kasi holy sikit...hehe....btw the youth ROCKS...jus continue to grow and God will ENLARGE UR TERRIROTY...

tats all for today..di rumah boring..onli lie down becos of the kaki..till then..god bless

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Halal CNY

This is my first year goin through CNY in a Halal way...Halal is defined as no pork!!sad to say..labuan currently has no pork to eat..this is wat happen:

see...the pasar babi has been locked..they permanent locked the place we labuan kia no pork to eat..walao..i have not been eating pork for 2 weeks already..i need pork ...if not i feel like a ISLAM....deng..den need to potong d lo..dun wanna potong man..sakit..hehe

well..this year i think cny will be a year without pork....halal cny..gila eh..hehe.....i think i need we need another way to get pork in..hehe..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

i see light...thank god....continue to show me the way...i trust in u...

i am on the way to be set free..finally..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


y am i still suffering???
its already a month..i tot its already gone....
but no..its still here....
i laid it down at UR feet...
but i still feel it...

have i gotta wait??
i dun wanna wait..
i have been waiting patiently for 1 month
since i cried out to u in pain.
GOD its unbearable...
i desire to be free from this pain...
i wanna smile real smile...not the fake one...
wanna laugh..and not fake it...


Friday, January 2, 2009

this new year

new year has come...without me noticing...its already the second bad can it be??let me shout it out....IT STILL THE SAME!!!ppl say new year comes wit new hope..let me ask the second question....where is the damn new beginning where the old end has not end??where there is no hope how to hope??am i to put my hopes in things tat will never happen??

it onli says new year.but still same old shit to tackle...wat the hell can i do bout it??long term injury??permanent heart damage (PHD)??wait la and see..see how it goes...

how to sleep at nite when it hurts??din sleep well ever since..always wake up wit a headache and the pee stinks of alcohol...

how long??how long??how long???will u ever restore me again??when?when??when???can i get out of this dark damning hell of darkness and enjoy the sunlight again??when can i see the sky and smile at the ray of the sun??when can i see water and feel its cool refreshing wetness splashing all over my face??when will i inhale the fresh air of the outside world??when can i taste the refreshing sweetness of honey??how long do i have to wait??

this is my new year...i need answers for my when and how.....
when will WHEN become NOW???