Monday, September 29, 2008


well there is nothing much to say actually...i am disappointed..yea..i am..i dun wanna mend shall be wit me till it fade away itself...besides never existed or its dead..i dun give a shit and piss on it!!ass-wipe!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

msn list lost!!

people..this is an emergency!!i lost all my contact in msn..currently there is no one in my is my list in my hotmail.

if u have read this..pls add me again on email for this is

ps.pls spread the word.thanks

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Frustration 2

yea i am back wit the second frustration..the first one is still there somewhere in my frenster i think.

well its time to cut the crap. wats wrong??i mean wat the hell is wrong??damn man..i tried and tried and tried and tried..and i dun get it..wats wrong wit me??damn i know i am not perfect..aint got no skills...but wats the point?cant it be enough?why is so much expected out of me??i cant do it means i cant??dun u guys understand?

if i am i right beside god rite now..maybe wit the others under gab or micheal now...the problem is i aint??damn man..get that thing in ur head cos i aint standin it now...i am sick and tired of it...and i give up....PUIK!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


everyday i look at the mirror..i see myself..same face same body...different hair...i always say to myself..theodore..u are a F***king idiot..look at you..u are too soft many times already have i been soft??all the time..damn it..i am so soft and nice until i am stepped on..i finally realised tat i am really a F***king idiot..

i have decided...not to be soft anymore..bein soft does not lead me to anywhere..onli goin down the drain as a person..i valued u..i got cast aside...i teach u something nicely u say i fucking order You YOU!!!i will really keep this in my heart...i will remember tat an asshole such as u...i am f***kin disappointed to have u as a fren...a hypocryte...

see i am F***kin stupid...i have been soft and nice and this is wat i get...stepped on...and cast aside...i shall change....i will not be soft tat i won be F***kin stepped on anymore..