Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am tired
trying to face the problem by myself
i get to no where
but in U i get places.

I thought i am strong
but i am just a weakling
But in U i am strong again
able to lift things i never thought i would be able to lift

I am broken,
U were broken
I cant be fixed
But U can be fixed, and U fix me as well

I thought i had it all
But in truth I had nothing at all
U had it all
But given it all up jus to reach me

I thought I have people
But they all deserted me (like the prodigal son)
U were there for me.
and i was blind enough not to see You.

I was alone,
but u were there.
Not to realize tat U were alone on tat tree
Even Your DAD left u alone.

I spat at u.
cursed at you
But u never hate me for it.
Instead loving me even more for it.

I thought the pain is forever with me.
However U have already taken it away
On that fateful day
when U were hanging on the tree.

Finally i realize,
That I have always need You
I am dying inside
Only U can revive me.

because without it
i cant find the next step.

JESUS.....i really need u now..i cant bear to go through this all hurts. some people may understand but some may not, only U know all tat is happening with me..carry me through like a little child...only in U i can find my comfort again.

Philippians 4:13. I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength.