Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is my reason for coming back!

Why do you run why do you hide oh don't you know I
just, just want to be with you.

Looking down from above as you watch TV
Wondering why, oh you're ignoring me
Do you remember, remember when I came to you
And you loved me
And I'm waiting for you
And I'm waiting for you

Why do you run why do you hide oh don't you know I
just, just want to be with you, to be with you
Hey, why do you run why do you hide oh do't you know
I just, just want to be with you, to be with you...

Whatever happened to the love, the love you had for me
When you first came to me
Don't you know that I died, died so I could be with
you forever.
And I'm waiting for you
And I'm waiting for you

Why do you run why do you hide oh don't you know I
just, just want to be with you, to be with you
Hey, why do you run why do you hid oh don't you know
I just, just want to be with you, to be with you...

Find a place of solitude, and I'll speak to you
As you pray to me
Don't you know I'm waiting here, waiting for you to
read and hear my words
I'm waiting here missing the time the times we shared
oh, please come to me

So, why do you run why do you hide oh don't you know I
just, just want to be with you, to be with you
Hey, why do you run why do you hide oh don't you know
I just, just want to be with you, to be with you...

Yeah..basically this song is from Kutless...was browsing blindly at me itunes for music..SOMEHOW or Rather.i came up to this song..while playing told me i need to come back..

So i think yeah..i gonna come back now BOSS..

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am tired
trying to face the problem by myself
i get to no where
but in U i get places.

I thought i am strong
but i am just a weakling
But in U i am strong again
able to lift things i never thought i would be able to lift

I am broken,
U were broken
I cant be fixed
But U can be fixed, and U fix me as well

I thought i had it all
But in truth I had nothing at all
U had it all
But given it all up jus to reach me

I thought I have people
But they all deserted me (like the prodigal son)
U were there for me.
and i was blind enough not to see You.

I was alone,
but u were there.
Not to realize tat U were alone on tat tree
Even Your DAD left u alone.

I spat at u.
cursed at you
But u never hate me for it.
Instead loving me even more for it.

I thought the pain is forever with me.
However U have already taken it away
On that fateful day
when U were hanging on the tree.

Finally i realize,
That I have always need You
I am dying inside
Only U can revive me.

because without it
i cant find the next step.

JESUS.....i really need u now..i cant bear to go through this all hurts. some people may understand but some may not, only U know all tat is happening with me..carry me through like a little child...only in U i can find my comfort again.

Philippians 4:13. I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


love is patient
love is kind
love is BULLSHIT
and i believe it

ps:i dun believe that love exist in this stupid world. Those who got married were destined to...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Screw u

Freaking hate it when ppl dun talk to me..even pretend tat I am not around..pass by me and think that I am not there..u know wat..screw u u stupid freaking cun

Monday, August 10, 2009

update after a long time

well finally i can update my blog...thanks to a mate of mine who so generously lend me his lappy is racist..onli online to malaysian line....wat the heck...hehe

so i shall begin wit my hols...well hols was BBOORRIINNGGG...i sleep onli when i wanna sleep, eat when i feel like eating and go when i have to go..its so bad..cos i was really unproductive at all...tired finding work...guess wat..thanks to the economy..i cant..even mcd is hiring kids at age of 12...rather dun hire us..cheaper...puik

of course wit that type of bad lifestyle i am having...i of course fell had to i had the full package...told dad and dad tricked me tat it was swine flu...babi..hehe..but it wasnt..

changed same cell wit cell leader whos a nice person..have to listen to her..but at the same time....can tembak her..hehe..too good to be true....

finally sem started....i din wanna go to uni..but at the same time i still dun stay at home because of the boredness...but still have to go...dunno wat am i babbling about..hehe...but anyways...perth is still a good place to relax..super nice..even frens tat came over for hols dun wanna go back...say here good..haha..

ps:manusia bin orang misses everyone he knows in malaysia.hehe...gonna hope i can go back to malaysia someday...tats all for now..

(next blog will be all pictures of perth)

Friday, June 19, 2009


finally its holidays...could not believe that it came so fast...2 weeks was complaining to Joe and Winnie about exams and all...had to study like mad..this sucks...especially when there is a weight on ur head...its like going to the gallows...the onli thing is u get to live after being hanged for at least 2 hrs..some might go through 3 hrs of hanging...hehe...

well gotta say good bye to kenneth..hehe..this guy is one of the "insane" person i met in perth....well we did alot of crazy things...and he made me do even more crazy things this year...well there is one i would share...called sniffing..."sniffing" does not mean means...sniffing alcohol...haha..its hits ur head like a bomb..and feel a sharp pain at the end of the head..but anyways..dun try tis at home unless u have frens with u..haha...well he left on the second day of my exam..and i wish him all the best too in penang..and his gf too..intresting funny girl which match his personality..all the best for the 2 of u.

well i am maroooonnneeeddd in perth...most of my malaysian frens goin back..heee..btw they would enjoy their hometown...i would in perth there are things to do too..its not too boring like ppl say..well..still can la..find work and earn bit aussie dollars...den i shall save and bring it back to malaysia...which in the end..makes me 2x richer..hehe..i am out of my mind...hehe.

well one of the things i would like to do is to spend time in borders...that is a cool place where i can read books...cant wait for Matthew Reilly's new book to come out..i have been waiting for that for dunno how long...onli God knows...haha...

this sat gonna have steam boat..hehe...i am gonna go mad preparing the food for my frens...since would be good to have a warm dinner...guess tat would be good...after that sure watch korean movies...since i got to perth...i have not stop watching korean movies...i think i am gonna get addicted or already addicted to korean movies...hehee..its so hilarous...

oh ya..i have not posted any pictures for this blog from perth...hai..i wish to post one..but...i no camera..hehe..that would be the next thing that i buy after my sunglasses...which cost me $240....that is like 2 and 1/2 weeks of allowance..but the camera will take me ages to cost $4k..insane rite??well thanks to Raph..who is one like my 2nd grandma...slow slow one..and he studies flim..told me get good pics u need good camera...yea...time to access my shopping list....

1 Kevin Garnet-Done
2.Nike Air Jordan Air force one-done
3.Matthew Reily-tat one haven come out yet
4.Oakley sunglasses-pending
6.archsaber 10-done

looks like still got three things i haven get yet..maybe i shall get it or not...hehe..see how la..hehe..sorry for talking so much..its time to update..too long i din update to y'all later..cheers mate...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

sakit hati...

i got this racket called archsaber 7...its a badminton racket actually...have been eyeing that racket since i got to costs 305 aussie have been saving up for it for 3 months....there were 2 i was hoping tat i would get it.

on sat i saw that there is only one left....quickly i knew i had to get this racket..sonce i have saved enough..i went to buy the racket...after getting the racket, i went home wit happy tat i got one nice racket..

when admiring the beauty of it..i found out that there is a chip on it...the paint has came off....i am like damn...sakit hati...i went back today to habe a look at wat the people they can do..the person actually asked me if i wanted a refund...y would i want a refund since i loved this racket the moment i held it...they cant change it for me.cos it was the last one..kowing tat i am a bit fussy but trust me..if u pay up to rm700/300 aussie they asked me to go to another i went..and found out tat other store did not sell at all...

went back to the same store..believe me...the workers here are helpful and i asked them if they can order one for me..the manager told me that they actually get stock based on the order from the central they cant order one fore the end i had no choice but to get back a refund..

before i had to sign my things...i had one last look at the look like it was pleading with me not to let it go back to the store..but i have made my decision..had to let it go..left the store wit a heavy heart...its like i lost something valuable..i was a proud owner of a new archsaber racket but in the end i din own anything...sakit hati la....