Monday, August 10, 2009

update after a long time

well finally i can update my blog...thanks to a mate of mine who so generously lend me his lappy is racist..onli online to malaysian line....wat the heck...hehe

so i shall begin wit my hols...well hols was BBOORRIINNGGG...i sleep onli when i wanna sleep, eat when i feel like eating and go when i have to go..its so bad..cos i was really unproductive at all...tired finding work...guess wat..thanks to the economy..i cant..even mcd is hiring kids at age of 12...rather dun hire us..cheaper...puik

of course wit that type of bad lifestyle i am having...i of course fell had to i had the full package...told dad and dad tricked me tat it was swine flu...babi..hehe..but it wasnt..

changed same cell wit cell leader whos a nice person..have to listen to her..but at the same time....can tembak her..hehe..too good to be true....

finally sem started....i din wanna go to uni..but at the same time i still dun stay at home because of the boredness...but still have to go...dunno wat am i babbling about..hehe...but anyways...perth is still a good place to relax..super nice..even frens tat came over for hols dun wanna go back...say here good..haha..

ps:manusia bin orang misses everyone he knows in malaysia.hehe...gonna hope i can go back to malaysia someday...tats all for now..

(next blog will be all pictures of perth)

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samantha said...

"next blog will be all pictures of perth" <-- I don't see it! lol :p