Tuesday, October 21, 2008

life after MR2+

well its done...finally mr2+ is behind...actually instead of feeling relieved that everything has passed. well i dun look forward to this week...instead..i wish it won even come.so many to do and so little time..hehe...but i shall preserver la i think.if dun preserver den i am nt a man..hehe

well MR2+ was great...had so much fun..so much unexpected things happened...i losted my voice for shouting to much...well..i shall write in detail later mr2+

well its already 22 oct. gila..1 mth and 8 days to go...den i shall leave...its scary yet exciting..hehe

Monday, October 13, 2008

attack-humble request of prayer

mr2+ is reaching its peak already. this sat 8.30pm at fcc. well...its exciting to claim music for god.but doing things for god has bad things too (from SYAITAN).

1. suddenly i have tones of assignments to do.all becoming a headache to me. i dun seemed to do anything right right now. have been asked to redo one assignment at least 4 times already. the groupmate does not wan to help me and the feller simply scold.its like i am a useless person.

2. i am not able to concentrate in serving god. especially serving in the worship team. i start to lose patience fast. suddenly feel very tired for no reason. there is no joy in serving. i feel like a big burden when playing for god.

3. i feel tired in everything.although i try hard. i still feel tired. and no matter how much i sleep. i still feel tired. i need strength and though god has been mercilessly giving me strength, i still fel tired.

4. last nite. my house got broken into. for so many months tat i stayed in this place. last nite my house was broken into. although the thieve onli aimed at cash and handphone. still the damage is done. my fren lost the phone and cash. which was a hard hit to all of us cos we cant protect our own things.

at this time. its really a bad time for all of us. especially when something big is gonna happen. i believe so as the devil is all out to attack us. well this is a msg to all my frens and family as a request to pray for me and ppl around me for god's strength, mercy, protection and guidence so that i can go through this.thanks

Thursday, October 9, 2008

countdown and looking back

its 9 oct 2008. wow...i am leavin soon...officially 1 mth and 20 days...its insane...i cant believe that its so so soon already..

well...time does not wait for ppl..i am happy and sad at the same time..hehe....well...happy cos i get to move on to perth..thank god for givin me another chance to go there...better make it this time..dun wanna screw up myself there again..hehe...

still cant believe it tat i have spent 4 years here already...it seems so slow when u are passing through it..but after u pass it...recalling back and then look back, it really pass by like an eye..hehe..yeaps...4 years pass very fast...

well still remember when i jus got here...i felt i dun belong..i din even wan to go to church..cos it sucks...when u are in a new place...everything sucks..especially when u are late and someone u dun know does not pick u on time?(its micheal lim and tracy wong actually who picked me..cheers guys).secondly it sucks when u are in the new place and someone does not talk to u..thank god u got ur new fren to be wit u all the time...hehe...

yea..after tat...well..i am at college..remember missin the first test in my life..hhehe..its all ken's fault..he cant wake up..hehe...while i cant wake up..so we same boat la..but i prefer to blame him...still fun...hehe..well.rememberin we pretending to be sick in order to get back to exam..hehe...it was funny when i think back...

the third thing happend to me in the first year in kl is still..hehe..her..well i dun ever regret mentioning this..well i got into a relationship(wit mk)....well it wasnt a good one.was a reall roller coaster ride...but i still dun mind..i did not regret chasin her....she is actually the person tat really treasure alot..cos of the sacrifices she made..which i remember all of it till now.thanks alot for bein wit me (at tat time.nw we no longer together)...

well i shall move on to the second year..well the second year in kl was i got to serve in fcc...well..at first i did not wanna commit cos it was taking alot of time..well i got my punishment.as a result..i gotta wait for another 3 months..6 months in total.well..it sucks..hehe..but the time comes..it was fun..thank god for it...i am glad and happy...

besides tat..that was the year tat i knew tat victor lee...hell he is my cousin....wacko..i got hit in the head like a bullet hittin my ass...hehe.cant accept at first..he looked like an 25 year old monkey..mana tau he is younger den me..hehe..chun la him..hehe..

third year...wat happen??hehe..well...i went to camp wit the church..oh yea...living livestyle..well...we played this game call the live game...hehe..its really a life thing...and i got to be the reble..together with the masterminds des and david...well its like double damage..hee..i learnt tat bein a terrorist..no one like u...believe me...even the goverment hated us..haha..anyways..there i got adopted....by 2 ppl...yea they are my "grandmas".hehe...reason bein.for fun...hehe....i felt so young tat time..hehe..

yea this are my grandmas..do i look younger than them?

second thing...i remember...hell..how could i forget.this is something i experienced first time.hehe...lol..i kena dengue..damn..right before my exam...hell...i had to check into a hotel for it...haha..had to drink water and 100+ all the time..hehe..and i had 2 glass of papaya leaves...thanks to my mom and cx..hehe...but i think it helped me to heal faster?hehe..scary too..hehe...well..hostpital is like a "prison" there are "gurads" takin care of you...believe me. it sucks...just like a convict..u get to be released..hehe..in the end...

well..this year..i din do much...begining of the year i changed course..played in love actually..the concert of course.had tones of fun bein in the concert.
this is love actually..the bunch of monkeys played..well..sadly...2 were missing..sunshine and rainy.

had mr2+ where i became the mc..dengs..i lost my dignity..my harga saham dropped 70%..hehe...
(I am called Liang Zi Lao Hu:2 tigers)my ecomomy decreased.
besides..i went to camp in kk to represent fcc..er...i felt old and young..thanks to the snake.

well it is really a long blog i worte this time...well..i am gonna take this opportunity to thank those who influenced my life..especially bein in a band...it helped me to take music to another level..showin me tat music can make a diff and state u emotions..i also take this time to apologize to anyone who i have sinned b4..i am a sinner..the best thing i do is to sin..well.i shall not say more..time does not permit.i am late again.till then...piss"peace" on u 2!(oh yea snake u have to claim the fish!!)

p.s. sorry for benin so chicken butt(chi pi gu)

Monday, October 6, 2008


well..its finally here...the month that i have been dreading bout...assignments due already...all of them...its scary man...and the damn internet is like a piece of crap..its really bullshit...how can the internet break down every 10-15 min...its really crap man..stupid internet..

this really suck..its getting up my nerve nw..cant even send things to my groupmates...and a very important presentation is due tomolo...and hell...i cant sent the things to my group mates..wat the heck...sien la like this..

screw malaysian tmnet..its really useless