Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year

this new yeas' eve..wat can i say??


well.nothing's happy goin on now..there is no joy in me yet..
cant seemed to find some joy.everything jus help me to pass time instead of healing my heart.
i am running out of things to do already.where can i hide from all this?

to all my frens:
may u all have a happy new year.mine is jus another new year with the same year's pain.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas day

this year's christmas is the saddest one...i wasn happy at all...there is nothing to be happy about..yea its the time to remember the day tat christ was born for us..i know tat..and i respect tat...i did it in the morning...

still the pain lingers around me...takin my heart little by little...i am really gonna go gila already..budweiser is not helpin me already..

i wanna scream...i wanna hit anything tat i can see...wish all these would sub it to the pain tat i am hurts extremely especially today..i dun have the mood to do anything already..

maybe budweiser needs a stronger freaking hurts...

y do i have to go through this??

Monday, December 22, 2008

wat is this?

well...i had a busy week last week..cos launching on friday..i din really take any pictures..jus tat alot of ppl never see cars one came to see car lo...good also they come..i heard alot of positive word of mouth among them..glad that they like the car.

its already 1 week+...still i struggle to move on..time is the best medicine..does that package come wit patience?i dunno bout it..but i cant take it anymore..budweiser is not taking any effect hurts...everytime i go into my room..i feel the pain..its like the pain is waiting for me to come into the room and consume me..

i tried to act strong...forget tat everything has ever happen...well..looks like theodore kong is lyin to himself..i still cannot see the next step..its too dark..will i fall into the pit and die there?or will a light come and show me the path to glory???


Thursday, December 18, 2008

new honda city launching

as all of u know..the new honda city has already been launched!!dengs my dad's company haven we gonna do it tomorrow and saturday. dunno why would he wanna do are few pictures wat we did today.

first of all my job.

i have to chop the company's name and address on to these leaflets. took me 3 hrs. but after tat it became like this:

after tat i went out to see wats goin on. i saw these

yeaps everyone is busy..the reason y i am free is because i did my jobs quick and i finished my jobs in a span of 3 hrs.

tomorrow we will be showing 2 cars.the two latest Honda City: the one on the left is the s variant and the right is the E variant. wats the difference??acceories and style:)

yea...everything is set..we are all gear up to go for it..the launching is ready to go...this is a shout out to all labuan kia....tomolo is launching day!!!come come..look look see see....there is food to eat.not to worry..and KEEP THE INVITATION CARD AS THERE WOULD NOT BE A TEST DRIVE TOMOLO AND SATURDAY. TEST DRIVE ONLI STARTS ON MONDAY!!

all the best to premier motor labuan tomolo and saturday!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i sprained my ankle today...thank u jack tay for lettin me step on ur leg.tomolo i need to get a new ankle guard cos my old one cedric took and claimed it for himself..babi...

my title for me blog today is TGFF. TGFF means Thank God for FRENS. well y would i say le??well these 3-4 days i have been emoing.....damn bloody banyak..a little i also emo.damn kao alot...until my parents also feel like i changed alot in these few days.even my sister dun really talk to me.i prefer to be office also dun talk much.rather hide in the room to keep quiet.

i emoed till saturday..but i also wanna take this chance to thank those who tried to cheer me up and console me.i appreciated it alot.hehe...well sat nite suddenly FLY RICE (fei fan) and PARROT (sophia) called me to go nyam cha.we went to tiara..i was like wat the heck..ok la..we go nyam cha mai nyam cha lo...mana tau we go there nyam ang mo cha.i tot malaysia nyam malaysian cha? anyways who cares asal ada cha nyam can d lo...hehe.

in the mids of chit chatting..sophia asked me wat i told her..cos she read everything in the had to tell her lo..cannot hide anything.hehe.finally i fell relax after telling her and fei fan.i think when i told my bro (IVAN) some went there..den i told others they took some of my pain and change it into comfort..den finally sophia and fei fan took the last bit off when i told them lo.i felt alot it due to the acohol or the fact i am released?hee..

after angmo cha...we went for round 2 cos the others are hungry..we eat ang mo food SUCK!..hehe..but who cares..hungry ppl cannot be choosers..we eat and chatted more there....met ivy,clarissa donald and samuel..hehe..we decided to sit another table to talk lo..den donald came and join us..we chatted till 11.30 den go back...i straight sleep cos tired..ah..i had a good rest cos i cant wake up..means i sleep like babi..hehe

today was great besides spraining my ankle..yea now i pai kao kao..anyways..TGFF( THANK GOD FOR FRENS)...i get to enjoy my day today...cheers..

Friday, December 12, 2008

let go

well time has spoken..i am to let go. thanks for the answer. wat can i say??hai...wanna cry also cannot cry la.tak ada hati cry also...wanna be pissed also cannot be jus be myself and pick my damn ass up and walk on life all over again..this time i shall do it alone...

......................thanks for the answer......................the truth hurts...........but wat can i do...........i am not in the position to say anything......................

good bye and welcome singleness again:::::::::::::::::::::::::::>>>>>>>>i am single and no more more means no more gonna be alone for the rest of my life.

cheers and thanks for the support that was given by the sorrunding people...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

depressed or sad?

well..i have been moody all these two days...since yesterday and today.i smiled..fake smiles i did.i cant concentrate on the things i do today.even counting invitation cards took me 2 hrs.i recounted for at least 8 times.

dad was shocked.i din talk much.jus kept quiet.instead i do more when i am quiet.din feel like talking to my colleagues i kept quiet and stayed in my mom's office.

i have this heavy heart now.i feel heavy while walking.dun feel like eating at all or eating too this depressed or sad???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


it hurts..but i shall risk it...
sakit sakit la..biarkan....
i dun care bout it...i shall strive for it...

Monday, December 8, 2008

body of an old man

i am officially an old man. i would admit body hurts all over. i am physically tired.wat happen?well i shall share it out

sunday 7th dec 5-6.30pm: non stop of badminton
sunday 7th dec 8-10pm:futsal

monday 8th: gotong royong in cohs.

my right body feels like a vegetable now..i cant really handle them out. it really hurts.each of the parts of the body....even the joints my back hurts too..i feel like a helpless old man who cant move about easily. even my frens laugh at me. finish la me.

i had a great day today. worked my ass off..maybe it would help me lose weight. i am really fat already. dengs..need to kurangkan the fats...hehe..tiring lo today..hee.i shall tired already..

_ _ .. ... ... .. _. _ _. .... . ._.

Friday, December 5, 2008


i cant seemed to find a titile for this post.
maybe i shall jus call it untitiled.
i am in labuan.
i feel i dun belong
its the 5th day i am back
i feel nothing
not like my real home
still hoping tat i shall settle down
here its different
nothing to do
work also nothing to do
relax like mad
the town have not change
onli the people have changed.

i jus miss kl..
really miss fcc and everyone there
i hope tat time will pass soon
which is impossible.
anyways. its still 1 month 30 days.
i shall see her.
till then i shall call her
sms her.

thats all:)

I Miss HER:)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

third day

today is my third day in labuan..hehe..i am working currently. kinda free today.doin nothing much.jus warming the bench of the office.well i am counting time now and its good actually tat i start to do something which is worth while..hehe...well its boring me in the office.but i dun mind. i need the cash and i am willing to work for it.hehe

there are three things i need to blog bout today:

1. I am sorry!! for calling u late. i din know u would go to the exam hall so early. really really sorry. i will call u earlier tomolo so tat i would not miss the time before u go to exam :) anyways all the best in the exam...i would hope tat u will do the best there in the exam:)

2. thank god tat we settled our problems..i am glad that nothing much is happening now. which i think would be better for us:) after u finish ur exam...i think we can take more time to know each would be better for us lo..i really hope tat i can be wit u soon:)

3. i cant wait till 4th feb..dang...time pass like so so so so slow like tat...its like the day will never come like tat.i wanna gila already waiting for it:)

hai....wat to do..i gotta wait..hehe..back here in labuan..there is nothing much to do besides lepaking...its the best place to lepak:)....

i shall wait ur reply:) all the best and i miss u:)

Monday, December 1, 2008

my first day

today is my first day in labuan. i din sleep last nite.packed and den went to airport.
we missed the turning to lcct!tim was tired. kesian him.hehe.but anyways we got to the place 20 min later den i wanted to i din care. as long sampai can d. we ate mcd breakfast. i enjoyed it very much.hehe..we chatted and all tat..lepak..

den i went to check in. got everything settled soon i was walking out of the checkin in one place. SHE called!!yes!i was so happy tat she woke up jus to say goodbye:)happy kao least i can leave kl in peace.hehe..

i slept in the plane the whole time.until neck pain,i got back to labuan..den my mom's first reaction was. u are fat.haha..i admit..cos for the past 1 week i was eating like a hungry man. non stop eating.

i din do much in labuan today.

1.went to pasar
2. eat pan mee (SUCKS!!)
3.repack my room with optimus prime (no more transforming into a truck.or else i will break something) HER
6.Miss HER
7.Make MISS MEDICINE for her
10. dinner

well..i gonnna work tomolo..have to cos there is the need of money.hehe.well i gtg lo.sleep first.hehe.have to do no.12. so go strength to work

i miss u all..fcc ppl, cs ppl, everyone....jus be perasan pls:)

_ _/_._ _
._ _/../._../._../
_./_ _ _/_
.._./_ _ _/._./_ _././_
_ _/../.../...